Apollo Contracture Pad Range

The new Apollo Healthcare Technologies Contracture Range® of products, have been designed to provide Pressure Reducing Surfaces for all parts of the body where contracture’s most commonly occur. Contracture is a condition where Muscles, Tendons and other Tissue, shortens or hardens, often leading to deformity and rigidity of the patients joints.

The Contracture Range consist of 4 bespoke pads, available as a pack or individually. They are specifically manufactured to cover all contracture’s from the Head, Neck, Hands, Knees, Legs and any other area affected by this condition.

All 4 pads offer a cost effective solution to assist with this debilitating condition, comprising of a Visco Elastic Foam, which moulds to the patients shape, providing excellent levels of both comfort and pressure redistribution. The cover is 2-way stretch, Waterproof and Vapour Permeable, assisting with infection control, meaning they are able to be used by multiple patients.

Cleaning : We recommend regular cleaning of the Contracture Pads, whilst in use by the patient, by wiping the cover with soap and warm water.

Between patient use, in order to thoroughly decontaminate the Contracture Pad, they should be carefully cleaned with 1000ppm solution of Sodium Hypochlorite or similar disinfectant and be allowed to dry completely.

Fire Retardancy BS7176 Product Weight 0.1 - 0.4kg dependent on size of pad

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