Solacium 1™

The Solacium 1 Air Mattress consists of 29 dual cells (58 in total) The cell configuration is of 29 figure of 8 cells, the top half of the cell alternates, whilst the bottom half, remains inflated

at all times. This ensures maximum Pressure Relief, combined with maximum comfort for the user, which in most cases is shown to improve sleep patterns. The Mattress also has a

removable foam base, to add extra comfort and as a last resort to provide a static support surface, in the unlikely event of complete deflation. The Pump auto adjusts to the user’s weight,

with the addition of 3 simple comfort level settings. The system will automatically be pre-set to a medium comfort setting, and a 10-minute time cycle unless changed by the care giver.

• The Solacium pump is fitted with a Lithium Ion Battery which is constantly charging when in use via the mains electrical supply. In the event of power loss this will give up to 8 hours of power to the system until such time as the mains power is returned, or in the unlikely event of a mechanical fault within the system, until this can be rectified.

• An additional function of the battery is that it can also be used for a quick initial inflation of the system, which takes a maximum of 8 minutes, without the need for mains power

• Fowler mode for when the bed is profiled in the sitting position

• The soft and smooth multi-stretch cover allows the patient to glide over the surface of the mattress, which can help prevent friction and shear

• The waterproof, vapour permeable cover can be easily wiped clean, or removed and laundered at 90 degrees

• High frequency welded seams reduce the risk of fluid ingress, whilst the cover also provides the addition of full length double sided zip flaps for added protection

Product Code - MFL001S


Dimensions: 198cm x 88cm x 15.6cm ( Available in Extra Long )

Maximum Weight Limit: 39 stone / 247.7 Kg

Risk Factor: Very High Risk

Warranty: 2 years 

Mattress Weight: 16 Kg

Safety Standards: BS EN 597-1 Cig, BS EN 597-2 Match,

BS7177: 1996 Crib Source 5

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